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Medical Crew Ready Back
Sep 23, 2009
WINDSOR, Ont. (June 10, 2009) - As thousands of spectators fill Windsors downtown waterfront for the Red Bull Air Race this weekend, a team of doctors, nurses and paramedics will be among the crowd, ready to tend to injuries and ailments. Their command centre will be a trailer parked in Dieppe Gardens near the Spirit of Windsor locomotive and equipped to deal with everything from cuts and scrapes to heart attacks. The medical trailer is run by the Professional Medical Standards Group, a Windsor company that has been training local nurses and doctors in emergency, life-saving procedures for about a year and a half. PMSG has rounded up about 50 volunteer staff, local emergency room physicians, registered nurses, paramedics and firefighters who will take turns working during the Red Bull Air Race and even stick around until all 370 tonnes of equipment erected on the waterfront for the much-hyped aerial competition is taken down. There are two gurneys in the PMSG trailer where patients can be hooked up to small but sophisticated monitors that track their vital signs, much like in a hospital. The trailer also has a defibrillator and innovative chest-compression bands, which perform CPR with precision. The portable devices, used at Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital, squeeze a patient’s chest during cardiac arrest to improve blood flow to the heart and brain. They also help free up medical professionals to perform other l ife-saving tasks in an emergency situation. Patients can also receive intravenous drips and life-saving drugs that would be administered in a hospital emergency room, said Thomas Lynk, a paramedic and executive director of PMSG. Lynk said most people who are brought to the trailer with minor problems, such as scrapes or fainting spells, will be treated on the spot. "And if it's more serious or they need further care, we have ambulances on standby to take them to the hospital,” he said. The medical staff working out of the PMSG trailer will get personal GPS devices and two-way radios so they can be tracked down in the huge crowd and directed to the sick or injured person. Lynk said the air race organizers travel with their own two physicians who take care of the pilots and the crew. The local doctors and nurses will be able to help them out this weekend if necessary, in addition to taking care of the spectators.
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